I've had a problem since we decided to run ZCM.

We have several users who are administrators in ZCM, who have access to the roles/rights to remote control specific machines in our institution.

For whatever reason, these users, when they connect to a workstation, the process dies forcing the policy to lock the workstation (i.e. abnormal end)

If the user then retries to connect, they get an Authentication Rights Failed message.

If I create that same use a local ZCM account, they have no issues (from the same machine, and remote-controlling the same machine)

Has anyone come across this problem before? The only time I've been able to get it working with their eDir credentials is by ensuring they are both at the same agent version, but lately this has not fixed the problem for some computers and for one user, he can't remote control anything at all, regardless of the versions used.

If I use his account from my computer, I receive the same issues.

I've eliminated the Novell Client from being a problem (from the computer that does the remote session) since I don't have it installed on my box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am presently trying to elevate this issue through another ticket/SR created with Novell.