This error is seen after deploying Win7 SP1 VDI machines after the 11.2.3a upgrade.

As per VMware VIEW requirements we have the Agent in the image and after the re-compose of each PC the ZCM agent registers as it comes up.

Looking at old threads this is an extra "test" that was put in at 11.2 version - and reportedly this was to be removed again as it just creates extra messages that are "cosmetic" - To test I have cleared messages from devices, rebooted them and voila no more "ZESService is not available for interaction: : IsAvailable() failed" message.

It is highly likely that the re-compose from master replica and first startup has some specific progression and/or timing issues that may provoke this (as it dissapears on further reboots) but it would be nice to not have these "bogus" messages in every device.

Any insights on why this has popped up after the 11.2.3a, because we did not have this issue on 11.2 (MU1) which we updated from.

KR Bjrn