I'm trying to evaluate File Reporter. I have installed the agent on a OES11 box. This agent is acting as my proxy agent.

Then i setup a policie to scan a volume on 2 differents server. One is OES11, the other is OES2.

When i launch my policies i have very differents result :
- Volume Free Space : After 5 attempts finally it is working
-File System DATA : I have most of the time this error : (127) - The specified file or directory name is invalid. Sometimes Operation is successfull but in the reports i have only data for 1 of the 2 volume and only for 2 directories

In the log file of the nfr proxy agent i have this kind of error :
01 2013-05-14 13:00:29 7200 3 0006 5953 7f674b5e0700 SRSScanAndCollectFileSystemDataService::FinalizeSc anDataEntry() - Worker thread encountered an error and is exiting, Scan ID = "18", Result = 0.

Can someone help me ?