we just upgraded to 11.2.3a and are testing the agent in our
environment. We are using a scripted windows deployment from Novell
Consulting. The ZCM agent gets installed during the windows-installation
and the PC is restarted after the agent-installation has finished. After
this the installation of the bundles starts. With the new 11.2.3a-agent
i get a message popup from "Zenworks Systemchange (in German "Zenworks
Systemšnderung") during this stage that says that i have to restart my
computer in order to become the new settings effective. (Thats not the
real message, it's a translation from german). I can click on "yes" or
"no" in this window. But when i do nothing the installation of the
bundles continues and finishes without problems. But this window is
annoying. We often reinstall PCs and when a user interrupts this process
by clicking on "yes" the complete installation process may fail. How can
i avoid this message?

Kind regards,