I seem to have a lot of problems getting my computers to deploy without failure any of the patch management patches. Windows Updates can show a clean update list but my ZPM will show 80 or more patches that still need to be deployed. Without going through each list and figuring out whish patch's are installing through windows update yet are showing unpatched through ZPM it is hard to say if each device is listing truly unpatched updates. I have looked through the documentation on some of this and have noticed other threads stating so frustration with the product deploying patches. I am wondering with as much of the issues I am seeing if I have something turned on that might be interfering with patch deployments that I might not fully realize.

I have the Automatic Windows Updates through Windows 7 and XP turned off through a GPO policy in ZCM and it does show that it is off on several of the workstations I have checked. I would figure that Windows Updates wouldn't interfere completely with this but did so just in case.

Does anyone know of other items I need to look at to get this working better? Exceptions with my AV product to help? Is this a rights issue since my end users are either Users or Power users and not Administrators?

Any other advice to help get this working?