I've been running FILR for about 10 days. I'm using the Desktop FILR app on Windows 7 x64 (At my house) and syncing a single NET folder from an OES11 NSS Volume (at my office). . I've been cautious to not use it too heavily and I have my data mostly duplicated to another location just in case. Today I noticed that it wasn't syncing files to my net folders. I had tons of "pending" items but nothing really to tell me why they were pending. I retry/retry/retry and nothing would happen. no activity on the "recent activity" option.

So I exited out of the FILR app and relaunched. After I logged in, i received a notification there there was a system alert. I figured out how to open the alert, and I wish I had made screenshots, but I did not. so this is from memory..

- It told my my sync metadata was corrupted and had to be rebuilt.
- But it said that if I rebuilt it, it would delete all local files and resync everything from server.
- And it recommended that I backup my files first.
- There were two buttons -1) Resync 2) Backup.
- So I hit the Backup button (because I did have a couple files I had just created today that I knew had not synced and I wanted to save them).
- After I hit the Backup button, it took me back to the main FILR console. I looked at the Recent Activity..
- Recent Activity showed that it deleted and recreated folders, and was now downloading all files again..

So it apparently lost the files that were not synced. This is horrible. It did not backup as anticipated and expected
(I can't find the files anywhere and it never gave me an option of where to back them up or anything).
Once I hit "Backup", it was as if I had hit Resync instead..
It did pull down all files from the server and resync'd so now everything that was on the server is back..

As of right now I do not trust this product. Granted, I was using mostly test data.. but I'm bummed about the document that I lost.