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Thread: Netfolder Proxy user not working as documented?

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    Netfolder Proxy user not working as documented?


    We are using EDIR For LDAP. Part of our EDIR tree is synced to AD for File shares. I defined netfolder on an AD file server. I created a service account to use as the "Net Folder Proxy User." I gave Full Control file rights on the AD server folder structure to the proxy user service account.

    I defined a net folder to a share from the AD server to which the Proxy service account had full control.

    The proxy user test when defining the netfolder server reports success.

    I gave access rights to 3 users:
    an edir user who is synced to AD and is an AD Domain admin - "ADadmin"
    an edir user who has no AD presence or security - "EdironlyUser"
    a local filr user - "LocalFilrUser"

    There is a word doc in the net folder

    All the users can see the netfolder & word doc inside
    all the users can view the details of the word doc
    all the users can view the HTML view of the word doc
    the filradmin & ADadmin can download the word doc
    When the EDIRonlyUser & LocalFilrUser download a doc and open it, this as the content of the word doc :

    File error: Cannot execute [getContentLength] on the resource [70000\The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.doc] - Access is denied

    There is also a sample PDF file in the net folder.
    The ADAdmin & Filr admin can download the file properly.
    The Edironly & localfilr users get broken PDFs.

    I even went so far as to grant Everyone full control file access to the ADserver file structure hoping that would make this work.

    Thanks for any insights,

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