This is something I have noticed on the windows client as well. After a server is rebooted any client that had drives mapped to that server will end up with the mapping pointing to the wrong volume. For instance I had S mapped to \\fubar5\web: and needed to reboot server fubar5. After the reboot S still showed mapped to \\fubar5\web: but browsing shows it's actually browsing \\fubar5\temp: Even disconnecting and reconnecting the mapping or mapping to a different location (Z for instance) results in the wrong volumes contents showing up. I can map to a subdirectory on the volume and get the correct contents. I can also map to any volume that wasn't mapped at the time of the reset and get the correct volume. On a windows workstation the only way to fix this is to reboot the machine. This really isn't an acceptable solution for a server. Also I do not get the issue with the windows client on XP (x86) machines only on Windows 7 64 bit and my OES 11 server 64bit.