First let me say that Filr 1.0 is extremely promising and I love that I can keep my data on my existing servers and track who is sharing what with whom. All extremely useful. I also fully recognize that this is version 1.0 of a huge undertaking and as such it is already a very stable solution. I am certain you are now expecting what I'd like to see changed.

Does Novell have a feature tracker system in place. To allow users to recommend features, vote on new, and keep track of them?

1.) I would just like to add my voice that we'd like all local folders - My Files and Net Folders to be encrypted locally by Filr itself and only opened when the user provides the password to their account.

Before someone tells me just install a disk encryption product please think about it a little more deeply. We anticipate this solutions being used both for BYOD and for users home computers. Both of which I have zero control over how their data is stored. As such Filr needs to support encrypted local folders. Otherwise, it is lacking a key level of security.

I so see in the manual that "Additional encryption features are planned for future releases."

2.) On top of local folder encryption, we'd like to be able to restrict the user from saving their password on their filr account so that they have to log in to open the folders.

3.) Automatic cron run MySQL dumps from Filr Database to backup location. Giving three simple data paths to back up -

4.) We'd like to use the Filr client to replace the Novell Client and automatically map the drives (NET FOLDERS) in the login script.

5.) Groups placed in the Sharing Rights areas should enforce the rights assigned to the group, including eDir dynamic groups. So that assignments can be done at the group level, instead of to the "all filr users" group and then removed at the user level itself.