Or perhaps "indexed" is the right word. Either way, we have random directories that show up just fine using our mapped drives but not under Filr/NetFolders. This is happening for my user (admin) and another account for a co-worker. My first idea was that the sync process got interrupted during a config change so I manually kicked it off again 6-days ago. Now, the folders show up but none of the files do.

Prior to manually kicking off the sync process:
NetFolder->directory->directory->directory->directory->[missing directory]

After kicking off the sync process:
NetFolder->directory->directory->directory->directory->directory->[missing files]

- The NetFolder Servers are set to sync every day at 23:00 GMT.
- I do NOT have a sync schedule for individual NetFolders because from what I understand, the NetFolder Server sync schedule will handle it.
- I am NOT using JustInTime sync for the NetFolders
- I checked the user rights on the file system and they are sufficient
- The Filr Proxy user, as I understand it, is a non-issue since the users have file system rights already