We've been having issues with a ZCM bundle that launches nalwin.exe and seem to have pinpointed the issue, just wondering if anyone has noticed anything similar?

- create a Bundle with Launch action pointing to nalwin.exe
- launch nalwin, loads up straight away to the splash screen
- close nalwin.exe
- re-open using Bundle shortcut again
- green arrow appears on shortcut but nothing happens for 10-20 seconds then it eventually loads

First troubleshooting step was putting an entry in the Success Return Code field of 0 but although it stopped the Bundle crashing the speed was no better. Tried this little exe ZCM Launch Return Code | Novell User Communities to check that nalwin was returning codes properly but noticed whereas all the other programs I tested return code 0 straight away nalwin seems to have a delayed reaction which is exactly the same length of time as the lag noticed in the steps above.

Any reason for this and if so how can we fix it so users don't have the delay?