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Thread: iOS Data Roaming turning ON automatically every time

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    Angry iOS Data Roaming turning ON automatically every time

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately after getting huge phone bills we found a bug or misconfiguration of our ZMM environment in combination with iOS devices.
    Where the data roaming option is turned on automaticly on zmm managed devices.

    We are running versions: ZMM 2.7.0 and iOS 6.1.4.

    Problem with the following setting:
    iOS->Settings->General->Cellular->Data Roaming

    after manually turning that setting to Off on the device by the user it is being turned on after ~15 minutes automatically again.

    in the release notes https://www.novell.com/documentation...er_relnote.pdf i find the following note:
    4. Although the Allow Data Roaming can be set to NO in ZENworks Mobile Management and enforced
    correctly on the device, the value is still editable in the deviceís setting. If the value is edited by the
    user, the setting is changed back to OFF after the next sync cycle. [6701]

    I expect that the above configurable zmm option is configed to ON, so that on every sync cycle its switched back on, but i cannot find the option "Allow Data Roaming" anymore... Somewhere i read that it disappeared in version 2.6.

    Can anyone else confirm this issue? Or has a way to config zmm to disable the auto turning on again.....
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