Hi all,Coming back to a common question.I've got users created under eDirectory and their home directories on a OES2 server.I followed explanations on how to setup home folders under MyFiles -> fine1rst problem: under iManager or ConsoleOne, i am unable to setup the home folder with the syntax \\ip_adress\volume\... because these tools want a eDirectory voluem object syntaxe. I tried to setup then a linux home folder path since this user is also a LUM user.Running ldapsearch show me attribute :---idfilr:~ # ldapsearch -x -h "(cn=fpe)" | grep -i homehomeDirectory: \\xxxxxx\DATA\USER\fpe----2nd problem: certainly lied to the previous one. Home Folder = No when i edit the user properties inside the Filr console.I tried to delete the user then reimport home, log in as the user ... but the home folder still not editable and is not created ...BTW: i even add the net folder path //ip_server\volume\homedirs and this one syncs correctly.My questions:- can we use the iManager syntax for home directory or not ?- is there anything i can check in order to be sure that the correct attribute is there ?Many thanks in advance