Hi all,
I'm running the release version of Filr across 3x VMs (Filr, Search, MySQL). They are each installed on fast SAS drives, in an ESX farm with heaps of capacity.
When I access Filr using the browser, I see my home drive and a Net Folder I have set up. When I click on my Home drive, it takes approx 14 seconds for the root folder list to appear. The Net Folder (which has Just-in-time enabled) takes about 8 seconds.
The actual file server is an OES11SP1 VM in the same stack, and it's speed is fine when I access it across NCP or even NetStorage.

If I go from the Net Folder back to the Hom folder, it still takes the same time to bring up the top folder list of Home. SubFolders seem to be more responsive?

I really am not sure where to start, or if this is normal or not?

Can anyone comment on their speed?