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Thread: ZCM 11.2.3a have MSN.com as StartupHomepage in IE?

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    ZCM 11.2.3a have MSN.com as StartupHomepage in IE?

    Hey Everyone,

    I ran into some strange behaviour ever since updating the first Win7 devices to 11.2.3a. The Startup Homepage in Internet Explorer is set to msn.com.
    Favorites, etc. are still in Place, nothing else seems to have changed besides the Startup Homepage.
    This doesnt happen every time, just about 50% after a reboot/logout&login.

    We are forcing an intranet site as default Startup Homepage (and additionally have the same site configured in the default user profile) via AD Policy, something must enforce the MSN site as startup homepage. So I've got no clue where this might be coming from

    Die anyone perhaps encounter the same problem?
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