In ZCC, if you go into Devices and open up some of our workstations, they show two IP addresses, the current workstation address and one the workstation had several months ago, on an entirely different subnet. The Agent Status in this same view says, "The agent service is running, but the request failed for one or more known addresses." If you hover your mouse over the icon, it shows that the failing address is the old one, of course.

What we cannot figure out is why the old address is still showing up. We have checked our DNS and DHCP systems, and the old address is nowhere to be found. When I look in Inventory, it shows the current IP address and no record of the old one. We have checked Image Safe Data on the workstation, and the old address is not there.

We are running ZCM 11 SP2 (11.2.3a). At least one of the workstations in question is running agent (11.2.3a). The problem is not isolated to a single workstation, but not all of our devices have this problem.

(By the way, I am hoping this is the correct forum for this; there doesn't seem to be one that really fits this, since I am not sure that this is an inventory problem, although I suppose it could be . . .)

Rick P