Has anyone on the forum seen this issue? A user composed a new message
using GW 2012 WebAccess, sends to an internet user and 2 internal users.
The message that actually arrives for these users is a completely
different message that arrived earlier in the day to the original user.

Looking at the GW composing user's Sent Items, the following can be noted:

1 - The "From" field on the problem message shows the internet address
of the person who sent the unrelated message earlier in the day, with
the name of the GW user in parenthesis like this: joesmith@yahoo.com
(GroupWise User)

2- The body of the message as viewed in the Sent Items Mail tab is what
the GW User wrote and intended for the body of the message. However the
recipients received only the contents of the other message.

3- There is a "Message Source" tab available in the Sent Items view
(never in any other sent item) that shows the Internet headers and
content of the completely unrelated message the user received earlier in
the day. The same info can be found in the MIME822 file of the message.

4-The unrelated message source headers are exactly the same as the sent
items header of the message in question.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong? People here are getting nervous
that confidential student info is crossing paths and going to the wrong

Thanks for any help!