Hallo together,

we have a lot of trouble updating our Agents to 11.2.3a (all Win7 64bit SP1 PCs) most from version 10.3.4 - never had the Novell Client installed.

200 out of about 2000 PCs got problems during CASA installation and went to failed - solved with a script with msiexec /i casa... (according to TID7010528) and reassigning of the update. (opened an SR about it)

But aprox 40 to 50 PCs got stuck in between the update process. Unfortunatelly no unique error.
In ZCC they stay in update assigned (some in installing xx%).
some show update assigned whereas the macine itself is already on 11.2.3
most had errors in System-update.log
I never ever got the update process to start again.

Even a Removal with the actual CleanUP Tool never succeeded. On most PCs it uninstalled ZESM and ZFDE but finally did not finish even after 10 to 30 minutes, no CPU usage any longer. However ZENworks directory had only 10 to 20 left-overs - but on each machine different ones.
And a reinstallation of the agent did install only parts of the agent. CASA most of the time missing and even after repairing CASA the agent is not operational

Does anybody have any more ideas. Some of the PCs had been reimaged to get operational again.