I'm attempting to get our vPro machines provisioned and working with Zenworks 11, so we can wake them on demand for patching, but I am hitting issues. We are running the following:

Zenworks 11.2.3a (5 Primaries) running SLES 10.3
External MS SQL Database

PCs are Windows 7 HP Elite 8200

I am using the 'Usbfile' configuration method, with a self-signed certificate from the first primary server. The usbfile is loaded onto the device, and I see 'Hello' packets being sent to the server in loader-messages.log. I can then provision the device and perform out-of-band reconciliation to manage the machine and power commands can then be sent from ZCC, and it works ok (except that you can't wake a machine from sleep (S3), for some reason). Checking the device shows a provisioning record in the bios. Problem: next day I try again and the machines can no longer be powered up/down, and no provision record exists in the bios. One clue may be that the 'Hello' packets are still being sent to the server following provisioning, I would expect them to stop once the machine starts being managed by the server. Does anyone else use this functionality, and have any advice?