Good Day...

I have two LDAP sources configured to Filr (eDir and Active Directory) both of which have their users sync'd on NFilr.

When I started off, I tested the login with both my credentials available on eDir and Active Directory and all worked and still works fine... I am able to login with my eDir and my Active Directory credentials on the Filr Web Console. However, I have users who are not able to login although I ran the sync now option with no errors but to no avail. (All user objects are in the same container)

Just to make sure that it was not a forgotten, expired or anything of the sort issue with their passwords.... I asked the users to login to their Novell Client and Outlook webmail and both worked just fine for eDir and AD... then asked them to login to the filr web portal again and all I get in the logs is:

[com.novell.teaming.module.authentication.impl.Plus AuthenticationProviderModule] - Authentication failure for [johndoe] nticationProvider$LdapBadCredentialsException: Bad credential for LDAP user

I was thinking timing could be a problem but if that was so, then the secure LDAP sync should have failed and to further confirm it I changed my password in the eDirectory, ran the sync, and it worked fine with the new password.

Not sure what I am missing here...may be somthing simple ?