So I have had nothing but problems imaging pc's that are going to be upgraded to win7 with zcm agent. I have an image that was sysprepped and all software was installed EXCEPT for the agent. After the initial reboot of the newly imaged PC I change the PC name and login fine. The PC name is changed to what I want it to be and I join the domain and reboot. Then I install the agent from the server and after the reboot it changes the computer name itself. These PC's were imaged of a workstation named room415-t-760 and thats what each of them get renamed to after installing the agent. Even if I change the computer name before the agent install. I have racked my brain trying to figure out this problem. I then have to change the computer name again and reboot and do all of the zac fsg -d and zac cc and reboot then re-register and then sometimes that doesn't even work. Any ideas of why the agent install is renaming my PCs?