Got ZPM up and running and seems to be working OK on a test machine, just got a few quick qu's on behaviours when deploying updates:

If I select a group of patches and want to use this as a baseline for all my machines am I best in using

a) a static group \ folder
b) applicable devices

I don't really like the idea of "All non-patched" as it gives me no control over what goes on so leaving that out as an option. I've noticed if I do "applicable devices" the Bundle filters out some of the patches (ones it knows are already on the machine?) but if I do a Folder \ Group every patch is listed as an Install action. Chances are I need to use option a) to be sure I'm catching every machine so will ZPM just skip updates in the Install phase if they're on the machine already?

Also when setting the Mandatory Baseline settings what I want to achieve is to allow the user to have full control over the reboot process i.e. they can reboot now, reboot later (snooze) or not reboot at all so my first guess on the settings was this:

Suppress Reboot: YES
Allow User to cancel: YES
Time to show dialog before reboot: 120
Allow User to snooze: YES

When deploying some patches I saw a box slide out from the system tray but it disappeared before I could do anything with it (hence setting the above to 120 seconds). Question is do any of the options override each other e.g. if I set the dialog to 120 will that auto reboot even though I've allowed user to suppress it?