Hello there,

I am fed up with the simple dialog for inserting a hyperlink into a new email.
So I created a 3CPO application that creates a button on a new email window that lets me insert something into the message using the GroupwiseCommander and executing ItemSetText.
This works as far as pasting my text (in this case a file name and path that I previously selected using my own command dialog box).
I turned the selected file into a html hyperlink by adding <A href=file:// as a prefix and <'/A'> at the end.
I then inserted the resulting line of text into the message using the ItemSetText token.
This works, but it shows up as text, not as a hyperlink.
When inserting, Groupwise interpretes the whole line as text and therefor converts the < into &lt;. Same for the >: becomes &gt;.

Thus: <A href=file://C:\test.txt>file://L:\test.txt</A> becomes &lt;A href=file://C:\test.txt&gt;file://L:\test.txt&lt;/A&gt;

I cannot find a GroupwiseCommander token that is meant to insert a hyperlink, only ItemSetText and that obviously doesn't work for inserting on the HTML level.

Anybody any idea's?