I've read the other posts about users who move to a different OU fail to login to the Zen agent (I have that problem) but after moving from 11.2.2 up to the latest 11.2.3 MU1 I still have this issue. I'm a school district so I don't have a support contract, I was just hoping that 11.2.3 MU1 would resolve the issue, but unfortunately it doesn't.

I verified that my Windows 7 64-bit machine is running Agent Version: Monthly Update 1, and my server is updated as well. I make sure the machine is rebooted, not just logged off, but when I move a user in AD then the next time the user logs into the computer it fails to login to the ZEN agent.

If I manually clear the registry key with the old cached user location (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM\ZenLgn\His tory\Cache\<domain>) then the moved user can login seamlessly. I'm debating on just making some type of script to delete that entire key somehow after login, since I can't get the ZEN agent to allow logins. My student accounts will move a LOT during the year.

When I search for the moved user in ZCC, it shows the correct new location for the user. I'm using Kerberos and User/Password authentication method for the authentication mechanism.

Is there something that I'm missing? Some setting to make it clear the registry variable on its own? Any ideas would help!!