Hey folks,

This has stumped me for a few weeks, the issue seems to coincide with the 11.2.3a update, but I cant be 100% certain.

We run a Sys-prepped Windows 7 image which installs the ZCM agent after OOBE has run. I have Two images, one for new machines which will prompt for a computer name prior to OOBE running, and another for reimage jobs that gives a computer a random name (WINDOWS-HIU79SJJFL eg) used for zero touch deployment.

In the past we would use the "new computer image" for new machines, or of machines we were reimaging for a new location, prior to imaging we would run zisedit -c to clear the ISD.

For Re-Images. the expected behaviour is that novell-zisdservice ? would read the existing name form the ISD and re-enter it into the OS. however, I am noticing that when the ZCM agent is installed it is Clearing the ISD and only populating the Device GUID and SID fields. The machine is not renaming and the device name in ZCM is changing to the temporary name!

Any Thoughts?