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Thread: RBL checking before SMTP auth for remote POP/SMTP users

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    Question RBL checking before SMTP auth for remote POP/SMTP users

    Just curious, does anyone know if this is still the case where the GWIA will reject a SMTP connection based on the RBL's before a user is able to authenticate?

    Yet if we point the SMTP to GMAIL it works OK, so Google obviously don't Black List consumer broadband subnets.

    The reason I wonder is that I have a situation again where a user working from home (on a consumer broadband plan) is being rejected from sending SMTP email via their office GWIA.
    To get around this in the past, I have configured a second GWIA on a say port 26 that only accepts authenticated SSL connections, and instructed remote staff to send via this GWIA.

    - Gordon
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