Our Filr clients connect directly to the Filr server when onsite but when remote they will use the web version through NAM. I have access to Filr through NAM working fine but the problem is when the client clicks "signout" it automatically logs them back in and takes them back to MyFiles. I notice in the Reverse Proxy setup there is a field for specifying the logout URL when using Filr behind NAM. I cannot use this as to use it you must enable the use of access gateways and once enabled Filr will only respond to the access gateways nominated. This leaves our hundreds of iPads on our local site that want to connect directly unable to do so.

A solution would be to setup a logout redirect in NAM to a static web page but this requires triggering the redirect by a recognisable piece of HTML from the logout process which it looks like the signout is all javascript. I would really appreciate if anyone has any ideas on how I can overcome this one.