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Thread: lost access to filr

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    lost access to filr

    I lost access to filr! Don't know why.
    The three main users:
    root with pw1 on the console,
    admin with pw2 on https:server:8443
    vaadmin with pw3 on https:server:9443
    can't login!

    I used the admin to configure the access with ldap, this works! I can use the filr as normal ldap user, but lost all administrativ access.
    Don't know whats wrong! Never change any Password.

    I can "kill" the filr and use the appliance to make a new one, but what if I do the same mistakes and kill the Access again?

    Maybe somewhat like ""Delete users that are not in LDAP" killed root, admin an vaadmin, because this users don't exist in ldap?
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