Hello NG

I have following question about ZPM. I try to patch a workstation that is not powered on. I created a patch bundle and assigned it to a workstation.
The workstation has following assignments:

Distribution Schedule: run on: specific date
Start immediately at Start time

Install Immediately after Distribution
and Launch Immediately after Installation are enabled

I want, that the WOL do wakeup the machine, and the patchbundle is installed without a login of a user. The installation should be run in background, because we want patch the machines during the night time.

Now the workstation do wake up, but the patch will not be installed on the workstation. I implemented also a shutdown script on the last line of the bundle, so that the bundle should shutdown the machine after the work. This doesn't also not work, because the bundle doesn't start

Somebody can explain me, how I have to configure the patch bundle, so that it runs without userinteraction?

Thanks in advance for your help.