Hello and good day to you!

We currently have Filr working internally. Works great with both the browsers and the desktop client. But we cannot figure out how to setup TMG to handle external Filr contact. When we try to access the filr.company.com server from a ipad which is connected to a wifi at home we get a invalid user-ID or password message.

TMG is setup to listen to our external IP on a HTTPS listener rule. Our external DNS is pointing filr.company.com towards that external IP. So far so good. But how to setup TMG? I understood in my other post that it is better to no put authentication on the TMG rule? But which should we choose on the Authentication Delegation tab? I think "No delegation, but client my authenticate directly" but whatevere we choose there we get nothing when accessing filr from the outside.

So.. after reading through a ton of documentation we are at a bit of a loss here.. the main thing why want Filr is not working (for now). Does anyone have a similar setup working?