I have an end user that reported to me that she hasn't been able to e-mail to some of her contacts for almost a year now. When I questioned what she was doing and see here is what I got.

She uses WebAccess to manage e-mail. When she tries to send e-mail to contacts both inside and outside the district the other end user never gets said e-mail. She states she doesn't get an error or anything. When I have her demonstrate the process I notice that she gets a lot of "Save as Draft" when she presses the send button. I am still trying to figure out how to resolve that issue. She stated this started happening on her home (Personal) desktop but is now happening on her work laptop as well. She stated she was able to send e-mail using her phone.

When I e-mailed her the first time I received an error from the MTA stating "550 A proper RFC822/2822 address must be given." I ran a GWCHeck reindex/fix against this account and it reported errors as well as fixed them. I was able to get her to e-mail to me using her laptop after that but she is still stating her home desktop isn't working. I can't find much regarding this specific error as stated. I did send her a response asking her to delete all contacts in Frequent Contacts and try to e-mail me again to see if she has issues with that. I am still waiting on a response for this.

Anyone have an idea on how to resolve this?