At brainshare we were told to use the Patch Mangement Console to "disable" all patches we know we will never deploy. This was for sure supposed to solve 2 things, possibly more.

1) Speeds up DAU because it doesn't have to assess the patch
2) Deleting a patch doesn't make it go away as it will just come back

However, when browsing patch bundles we are finding is that all the "disabled patches" show up as "enabled" bundles that are "unavailable." The only way to find out if they are really enabled or not is to go back to the patch management console to see if it is disabled there.

Are we doing this right? With over 120 patches "disabled" it is getting very hard to locate problem bundles that are actually enabled in patch and enabled at the bundle level, but not replicating appropriately (a common occurance for us). I don't know if anyone is going to have a clue here as to what I am talking about so I think I will open an SR too.