I currently have a FILR system set up with LDAP via AD

I also have a QNAP NAS drive set up for storage

I need to access the QNAP drive via FILR but I keep getting an error

Currently AD users can access the QNAP NAS drive via Windows without any problem.

The FILR net server has been set up and it can connect to the QNAP drive no problem and authenticates both using a AD login and also using the QNAP login. The crednetials have full access to files

But when I use the FILR app, they can see the net directories and files, when you click to download a file,. the error "you do not have the rights to perform this action" appears.

This only happens on the QNAP nas drive, other users who access the windows SBS server with AD can download etc no problem

Anyone have any ideas