I have a situation where our customer wants to use Filr in the way that (as it seems) is not supported ??

Sharing folders from NET Shares is not allowed (see Documentation). They want to use someone's home folder for sharing folders. But, for some projects, other inside or even extrenal users are in charge, so they would need to re-share shared folders.

In Documentation/Sharing folders, under "1." it stands, that "You can share folders in your My Files , Shared with Me , or Shared by Me tabs, " , uder "6.c." it stands "Allow the recipient to re-share this item with section, select whether you want them to be able to share with internal users, external users, and the public."
It also says : "You cannot allow recipients to re-share items in your Home directory."

I'm a little bit confused.

It looks like :
1. I can share folders only from Home folder, but not from NET folders
2. I can allow re-sharing folders, but not from my Home directory ...

Where from can I allow it, then ?