I've been having a ton of problems with iFolder.

I'm evaluating the latest OES 11 and have been trying to set up iFolder on an NSS volume. When I try to reconfigure iFolder, the admin login quits working.

What I'm doing is:
Fresh install of OES
creating my users and NSS volume
Adding rights to the new iFolder dir for user wwwrun and making sure it's LUM enabled
Running Yast2 and attempting to reconfigure iFolder

This fails to work. This did work when I did it on OES2

What I'm doing now is another fresh install, leaving out iFolder so I can install it fresh after creating my users, etc.

The question I have is: Is there a way I could have completely uninstalled iFolder to start it up from scratch without going through the pain of a fresh install? I've tried removing the packages in yast, deleting the proxy user, removing the data directory and reinstalling but it has all my old settings in it and it still fails to work.

I can't find anything published on this for iFolder 3.9