I have installed service desk appliance 7.01 and configure LDAP import
I have created allt the groups in my edirectory tree in a specific OU as mention in the documentation. I use this OU as my base DN for importation.
When i launch the test i can see that my technician group is 59 and my customer group is 1333 (it is a dynamic group).
When i launch the sync 0 customer are imported and there is 0 error 0 update
Regarding technician, only 2 of them are imported, and i can see in the report that technicianA is updated with TechnicianB name then updated with Technician C name , ...
I specify GUID=GUID in the LDAP import mask
When i look at my eDirectory tree with a ldap browser i can't see GUID attribute. (don't know if it is a normal behavior)

What am i missing ?

Where are the log file on the appliance that i can look for to have more info ?