We recently switched from Zenworks 6.5 to Zenworks 11, i just installed the reporting server a couple days ago everything works fine from the ZCC, i can connect to the infoview without any problem but when it comes to login to the Web intelligent rich client, i am just unable to log on it, every possible combination that i use gives me credentials error which are good because i am logged in the ZCC with the same account/password. As there are very little documentation about this in the novell documentation, you guys are my last hope to make this work.

So we're using an LDAP user source so at the authentication i chose the LDAP. As for system this is where i am really not sure about what to enter there, i tried a couple of things like our server name, zone name, zenworks but all of them did not work. If anyone could point me in the right direction i would be thankful

Thank you,
Pier-Olivier Plante