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Thread: Change of DC.. Filr stops working

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    Unhappy Change of DC.. Filr stops working

    We recently installed two new Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers. One of them is made PDC and the other is second-in-command. The old Windows Server 2008 R2 DC's were properly demoted and send to the retirement home.

    All other systems have no problem using the two new DC's for the jobs they do. Except Filr. I can login to the Novell Filr Appliance site, and have change nameserver to the new dc, but when i try to login onto the Filr website or use a android or iOS client it says the Filr is offline.

    ** While i am typing this i get to see the Filr website login screen. When i give my login credentials it start loading again... reaaaally slooooooooow. Keeps on saying it is authenticating.. nothing happening.

    Can Filr work with Windows Server 2012? Or do i have a other problem on my hands?
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