we've installed ZMM and are testing with one IOS Device how the policys works.

I've configured:

- Require Password
- Enable Password recovery
- Allow Simple Password
- Require minimum password length of 4
- Require max inactivity time device lock

Everything else is default.

Now I've installed ZMM on my iPhone, loaded and syncted the default profile.

But I'm always able to disable the password on my iphone, disable the inactivity timeout and so on... I thought ZMM would prevent me from
disabling the configured policys ?

How does this work ? What else do I have to configure so the users wont change this password settings and the device would not allow changes ?
What happens if I install zmm on a new iPhone where inactivity timeout and password is disabled ?

Sorry, can't find any informations about my questions in the documentation.

D. Oeden