This might not be the right place to put this but I'm going to anyway.

We have a business critical SR (#10856485730) with Novell currently open and being looked at by Novell engineers. When I logged the call on Friday, I spoke on a very clear and crisp line to a very helpful person. Today (my weekend), I've tried to call again for a status update as the current failure on our Zone means 2000 new students can't login on Monday. What I get is a hugely crackly and choppy line with someone trying their hardest to communicate with me at the other end.. it was so bad that I apologised as clearly as I could and hung up. I called again in the hope of getting a clearer line but instead got about 10 minutes of Celine Dion - again crackly and hard to hear.. I appreciate that I was probably in a queue but the line quality didn't bode well so I hung up again.. I'm now on hold and in a queue on the online chat... fortunately no Celine Dion.

My point here, whilst trying to remain light hearted, is that if Novell intend to offer 24/7 support, they need to figure out how to do so in a way that allows customer to call a phone number that gives a clear and crisp line.. whilst I can deal with a web chat, nothing quite beats talking to someone.

Other vendors I've dealt with that offer 24/7 support are able to offer a good quality line.