did anybody manage to install the Inventory-only-Agent (V 11.2.3) on a
VMWare ESXi 5.1-Server? We would like to collect the inventory data for
our CMDB. When i start the installation i get the follwoing errors:

/tmp # ./zenumia-install.sh -s mycollectionserver
Collection Server is mycollectionserver
installing zenumia to /opt/novell/zenworks/umia
../zenumia-install.sh: line 188: arch: not found
unrecognized OS, not setting SIPLATFORM
OS tagged as unknown, sysinfo package is mcsysinfo-noui-10-.sh
../zenumia-install.sh: line 223: whoami: not found
user is
Must be root to install. Aborting install.

So there are some needed commands like "whoami" missing and the OS ist
I tried to collect the inventory data via a Discovery task, but the
collected information is quite poor. No vendor-specific Hardware info, etc.

Kind regards,