I currently have 3 ZCM 11.2 Primary servers name ZCM1, ZCMC1, and ZCMIMG1. ZCM1 is the first server installed. Sometimes when trying to remote control a workstation I get the following error:

"Error: "Rights Authentication failed. The ZENworks server from which the Remote Management Viewer was launched is not time synchronized with the ZENworks server to which the managed device is registered. If the problem persists even after time synchronization between the servers, contact Novell Technical Services."

I have only personally seen the error when using server ZCM1. I've checked the time sync on my 3 primaries, my 3 satellites, and my AD DCs, and logged on clients. They all appear to be spot on. The information in TID 3254631 isn't very helpful. Is there any recommended way to troubleshoot this?