Hi Everyone,

We have GroupWise 2012 on two Windows 2008 RS Standard Servers.

I have in our receive folder (D:\dom-01\wpgate\gwia\3rd\receive) 12 message one one server and 11 on the other, which are stuck.
I am unable to read, move or delete these messages.
I am assuming these files are locked.
Under Windows if I try to i.e. move the file I am getting: The action can't be completed because the file is open in GWIA.
If I try to view the email (Notepad ++) I am told I cannot open the file.

I would rather not have to stop and start the GWIA, but I think this is all I can do.
Does anyone have some advice?
Are we able to run a check or some GroupWise tool to fix, release these?

Thanks everyone.