We are a very small shop with a single SLES 11sp2 primary ZCM 11 SP2 server. It was updated to 11.2.3a in the spring of this year. Had updated to the October 2013 PRU this last weekend when I noticed that there was an update to 11.2.4 available - installed and deployed it, and eventually it rolled out to the stations today.

While reviewing the console decided to review a few inventory reports. Was surprised to see that none of the available workstation inventories had been updated in months - all date back to May or June of this year.

The October 2013 PRU showed as baselined.

Checking in the directories on the server, there were piles of XML files that have been uploaded but were not being imported. I erased these based on suggestions in older posts here on the forum but that didn't change things.

The loader-messages log file has a regular entry

[PRU is not synced with the LC_TallyProducts ### PRUVersion:3.6.A.16:20130603 LMPRUVersion3.6.A.16:20130502]

The console has under its Configuration >> Asset Inventory the following under Knowledge Base Status.

The date of the most recently applied PRU is June 3, 2013 12:00:00 AM (version 3.6.A.16).
The KBs were last merged on May 6, 2013 6:18:43 PM.

We have been updating and deploying the PRU's each month (Using 'Deploy PRU Now') as they have been released and they always showed that they deployed to all devices w/o errors, so something is locked up here.

Based on one of the forum posts here, tried removing it, re-downloading and redeploying the Oct 2013 PRU but that just results in errors (At the console, the error is "An unexpected error occurred during the zone-wide pre-install actions. Check the loader-messages.log for details.". Loader-messages says "Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [111] [] [FINEST: Attempting to set update status to ERROR with message: SystemUpdate.error.preglobalactions]") Very informative.

Have read the documentation and the available knowledgebase entries and see that though others have had this problem over the recent years, the solution is never articulated.

Does anyone know how one forces the synchronization to happen and/or why isn't it happening automatically?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.