Hi guys,

I have some questions about computer identification - does anyone can tell me how ZCM recognize computer ID and what is that unique ID for the computer? Is that GUID and only GUID?
My potential customer asked me about it, and i'm concidering about possibility of combine GUID with MAC address, for example - ZCM can do this?

Thats important for him, let's discus about scenario- he wants to have continuity in inventory. For example, he has a computer with Windows XP and that computer is invetoried and managed by ZCM, then he updated that Windows XP to Win Vista, 7, or whatever - the question is - is that possible to "update" informations about this computer in zone, in ZCM, without creating a new workstation object? He wants to have information in device's history about changing OS from Windows "X" to Windows "Y" and have all of this info in one workstation object, that's why im asking about combination of GUID and MAC, for example.