Hi all,

I tougth I got it, but:

with 2012 the Button-Color problem is back. I just wanted to have a tiny little Button with transparency. It took me some time to find the following:

- It doesn't matter whether you use numeric or textual Ressource-ID's, Color replacement doesn't depend on that (in contrary to the docs)

- If you use 24bit-bmp no color replacement (transaprencey) will happen, transparency only happens on palette-based bmps(16 or less bits).

and then the trouble begins:

It seems that color replacement depends on the color offset in the palette (e.g. index 1 or 2 or so ), not on the color itself. I tried everything to get it to work, but I had no luck.

And the documentation is copied over and over at least since last millenium.

Hey, GroupWise Client Programmers: How do you create your bitmaps ? Witch tools do you use to paint that bitmaps ?