I received a question about ZMM and I was hoping that this forum could help, or at least point me in the direction of whom I could ask for information.

My customer has been seeing an issue with ZMM 2.80 on the server side, and agent version 2.76 on the device side not having an option to "Open With" when a device is deployed using the profile from the ZMM server.

If they add the application normally then the option to "Open With" is there, for example if they are using Adobe Acrobat when they use the device when it has not been deployed with ZMM they are able to select Adobe to open the file. However; the opposite is true when using the device when deployed using a profile from the ZMM server. Basically the option to "Open With" is unavailable.

If you require further information, please let me know and I can ask the customer for some additional details.