We have a couple requirements to allow non-IT staff to get remote control access to a workstation.

It seems that giving them ZCC access might introduce more risk then if we could simply do so using the Remove Management Viewer (nzrViewer.exe).

I was hoping that the standalone use of nzrViewer.exe could still leverage rights-based authentication but I've learned that it cannot. Using it in standalone mode always prompts for the Session Password.

I'm now wondering if it's possible to pass this session password via the command line. I could then create a compiled script such that the session password is hidden from the user. They could then launch that script in EXE format to connect to that one workstation.

1) We presently launch the standalone viewer as shown. If this is possible, can you please let me know how to modify this command?
"%APPDATA%\Novell\ZENworks\Remote Management\bin\nzrViewer.exe"

2) If passing the session password is not possible via the command line, can you please confirm that giving certain end-users access to ZCC is something that we can safely attempt?

3) Or, better yet, does anyone know if in fact there is, or is planned, a way to use nzrViewer.exe using rights-based authentication?

Thanks for any help!