1. Installed and configured novell-kanaka-engine-2.8.0-8 on sles10sp3/oes2sp3 x64 server with a self-signed cert, generated as specified in TID 7012010. Ran the web console:

* specified the user search context
* specified the storage resource servers and volume list
* server status reports accepting logins

2. Installed eDir CA on Mac OSX 10.9 client and installed Kanaka Desktop Client.

3. When the user attempts to authenticate, he gets:

Failed to connect to server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port 3089. Result = 1.

I am seeing nothing in the Kanaka engine log on the Kanaka server, so it looks as though his login attempts are not even getting that far. Obviously nothing in /var/log/messages on the file server either. The error is comming straight back - not like it's ticking over attempting to authenticate.

User was previously successfully using CIFS to connect to the server, although experiencing intermittent dropouts, hence we thought we'd see if Kanaka would improve his experience.

any and help appreciated