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Thread: Missing Outages Settings in Privileges

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    Missing Outages Settings in Privileges


    As I am working through configuring Service Desk for evaluation, I can't help but come across little issues that I'm unable to find answers for in the documentation or on the support site. With no maintenance for support on the product as we're just evaluating, I turn to the forums for your help.

    In this case, logged in as a user in the supervisors group or with the built-in admin account, I am looking over the privileges and I can not seem to find where the Outages options went. Under the User tab, there is no "Create Outage" option. Under the System tab, there are no "Outage Options" to configure.

    Maybe it is not displaying as a result of some other setting I've configured, but I'm not certain. After re-reading the docs again, I do see a note about "All Outages options apply to the Service Manager only". I'm not sure what they are referring to. Is this why I don't see those options as we're not running the fully licensed/capable version of Service Desk?


    System: Appliance v7.0.2 / Incident Management version.


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